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Uncontrolled Tears: Jocelyn Ewurama Adusei buries Husband and Mother in August


Death, or the lost of  human life for that matter is an inevitable and intractable biological process that  induces emotional instability for a family; and a demise of a love one (husband, wife or a child) leaves endless scar in the hearts  of the bereaved. How then, could we measure the emotional turbidity of a woman who had lost both the husband and the mother? What scale is capable to measure her depression? And what dosage of soothing words will alleviate her anguish?

Such is the story of our colleague–Mrs Joycelyn Ewurama Adusei (aka “Ramzy”) who hosts our flagship health program christened “Health Issues” on Thursdays 8pm-10pm with his late husband–Mr. Adusei Banahene (CEO, Amansan Radio, NY) as co-host. About fortnight into the death of her husband, Ewurama was hit with the sudden call to eternity of her beloved Mother–Mrs. Rebecca Ama Woarape Obeng at the 37 Military Hospital, Accra. Joycelyn is due to travel to Ghana this August for the funeral rites as follows:


Friday August 4, 2017: Church service, 7pm-10pm at her  Sarpeiman Residence, Accra.

Saturday August 5: Pre-burial Service @7:30am; Burial: 9:00am @ Amansaman Cemetary, followed by Final Funeral Rites at Amasaman School Park.

Sunday August 6: Thanksgiving Service @ Amasaman Methodist Church, Accra.


Thursday August 10, 2017: Laying in State at Boanim Methodist Church.

Burial: August 10: Boanim Methodist Cemetary; followed by Final Funeral Rites at Boanim School Park from 1200 to 6pm.

Friday August 11: Family Gathering at Boanim.

Sunday August 13: Thanksgiving Service at Jamasi Methodist Church.


Let’s support our Sister and  the bereaved families at these turbulent times. May the Souls of the departed dwell with the Creator eternally!

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Frank Goka, Amasan Radio, NY.