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Prof. Samuel Amoako Returns to New York as Consul General

By: Frank Goka, Amansan Radio, NY Reporter


Some Ghanaians listening to Prof. Amoako with rapt attention. Picture by Reporter.

Equate it to the Christians belief that the second coming of Christ is beckoning and you will not be far from it. Also, just as their hope is imbedded in the fact that they will see salvation when Christ returns the second time, a section of Ghanaians living in New York City experienced that innermost satisfaction at the return of one of their own back to their fold. Indeed, they had heard of H.E Nana Akuffo Addo issuing his grid coordinates and back azimuth that will land him in New York as the new Consul General to “oversee the welfare of all Ghanaians regardless of their [status] and political affiliations” in the City and its environs. But like the Biblical Thomas, many were those who would like to see the man “fiili-fiili” and shake hands with him to pacify their nay-saying spirits. And when he finally walked into the auditorium, the number of those revising their notes on repentance soared; perhaps, the message of the “triumphant return” of Christ might be true after all  just as the return of Prof. Samuel K. Amoako to New York as the next Consul General.

Prof Amoako had lived in New York for 29 years but relocated to Ghana in 2008 to exhibit his imploding political prowess. He was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) to represent the people of Akyem Abuakwa constituency where he had the opportunity to serve two terms. In his heydays in the Big Apple, Prof Amoako was an astute Lecturer who had thought in a number of Colleges and Universities in the famous City. He is a unifier and a proponent of the Ghanaian traditions and cultures in the Diaspora—a trait that manifested in his election as the Secretary General of the National Council of Ghanaian Associations (NCOGA) then.

Expressing his delight to the Ghanaian audience from Ahenfie Association of Tracy Towers in Bronx, NY, Prof Amoako proudly proclaimed that he was happy to return to his old folks although “not as Prof Amoako the Teacher, but Prof…the Consul General”. He called himself the “New York Boy” (yes, age is indeed a number that lies in the eyes and minds of the beholder!) and felt at home to the extent that, even if  dumsor had occurred at the gathering, he would have made half of the audience out with ease!  He delivered the warmest regards from President Nana Akuffo Addo to all Ghanaians in America and expatiated on some of his policies being undertaken and those yet to be implemented. Touching on the quintessence of his position, “Prof Amoako” as affectionately called, reiterated  that he is here to “seek Ghanaian interest” foremostly and admonished all potential clients to call the tiger a tiger when they come to the Embassy for assistance, but not to refer to the tiger as the grandfather of a cat that lives in the forest! He added that, besides seeking the welfare of Ghanaians, he is also here to provide “consular services” such as documentations, signing agreements, attending to deportations issues, conducting trade and business ventures in the spirit of cooperation between Ghana and the United States. That he represents the ears, the nose and the eyes of Ghana in America.

He praised the blueprints and good works executed by his predecessor Hon. Bernard Quantson by introducing the paperless passport application and faster passport processing, reduction of visa processing times and other services. He assured the gathering that his tenure will follow his steps and improve upon what was left him.

Lastly, he touched his heart—his heritage and the Ghanaian identity! He stated that he was saddened to have learnt about the gradual decline in Ghana Picnic/Parades attendance—the event that hitherto was the talk of the City in those days he was biting the Big Apples the hardest. He assured that he will do all he can to resurrect the colorful event that sees the exhibition of diverse Ghanaian ethnic cultures with pride. He instructed all to start planning for a mammoth Ghana Picnic come summer 2018 in the City. The Executives of Ahenfie Association welcomed him formerly and wish him and his family God’s protection and a happy tour. He interacted with his people and ate with them to wrap the occasion.