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Final Funeral Rites for the Late Mr. K.B Adusei


Indeed, the greatest pillar of Amansan Radio, NY is fragmented. The darkest cloud is hovering over our roof with thunderous whirlwind, raining interminable red-colored tears! A stalwart and a pioneer is “Late” and a Magnet has lost its propensity to attract and unite.

In the midst of the fragmentation, the man with the strongest muscles to heap the debris is gone; I was told he embarked on a forlorn journey to the “West-end” where he could hear the incessant wailing of a widow from afar and the echoes of his children’s throbbing hearts. Oh yes, his name is being called ubiquitously within the family, hometown, places of work and certainly at every location he had left his foot-print because he was the nectar that attracts the bees!

Boss, you left us; for good, but not in vain. My years on earth is full of lessons; theoretical lessons on humility, respectfulness, equality, love, meekness, compassion, humor, Godliness, sharing, empathy and other “curricula”. You epitomized the practical version of these traits sincerely. You had the heart of a lion to the extent that, even when you were “bleeding” and gnawing in anguish, you reciprocated with gleeful and hopeful smiles! You came, you saw it, you confronted it, you fought a good fight and alas, you conquered it! The hour is nigh for you to rest in your honor Mr. Adusei Banahene. My “Boss”, our founding Father, our comrade…you are riding in a palanquin, the one that takes you to the Creator for eternal rest!

May He accept you in His fold and comfort your Soul!

“Damirifa..Damirifa..Damirifa Due!!”



Frank Goka

Amansan Radio, NY.

NB: Memorial T-Shirts from Amansan Radio, NY will be available at the funeral on Friday for donations to support the family and the Station. We are also appealing to philanthropists to support the Station in order to preserve the vision he left behind.

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