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Bridegroom Dies via accident on way to Engagement in New York


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The ecstatic feeling of a Ghanaian man whose dream was to meet his supposed wife for the first time was sadly truncated through vehicular accident when he met his untimely death last Saturday April 22, 2017 on his way to his much desired nuptial engagement.

The deceased was reportedly traveling from Tennessee to meet his bride-to-be for the ceremony in the company of six other escorts when the accident occurred at West Virginia. His nephew who was to be his maid also perished in the accident and the five others hospitalized for various degrees of injuries.

According to close relative to the bride, Lydia and Richmond (last names withheld) residents of Bronx, NY and Tennessee respectively met on social media and had developed craving amatory desire to marry. On the said day, while the two families had met and performing the customary engagement in Ghana, Richmond set off from his abode with his entourage to meet his wife and a few friends in the Bronx for a miniature celebration to synchronize the Ghana event. A close source reveals that, Lydia had never met his man physically since they met online and was highly agog  to meet his lover face to face. She kept in touch with him enroute until the time when the man was no longer responding to her calls and messages.

She became overly worried and very anxious by the time; and finally, there came the call that changed her joyful mood to mournful experience. Richmond and his nephew died through the accident on their way to New York! The cause of accident is not immediately known and this writer is uncertain about who was driving the vehicle at the time of accident.

Indeed, Saturday 22nd April had been a nightmare for Lydia, both families (home and abroad) and the entire Ghanaian communities (both New York and Tennessee).

The management and staff of Amansan Radio, NY extends our heartfelt sympathy to the deceased families and most especially to Lydia for her lost.

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Report by:

Frank Goka, Presenter

Amansan Radio, NY.